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SMD RGB color changing strip light with remote
  • Each RGB Color Changing Kit Includes:[1 X Pre-installed 3' Standard Power Cord with Power Connector] [1 x End Cap] [2 Mounting Clips each 3.3ft] [Controller is Included]
  • [30 High Output SMD5050(Tri-chip) LED's per 3.3Ft] [ 4.2 Watts per foot power consumption ] [SMD5050 – 12 Lumen per LED. Around 220 lumen per Ft. Brighter output for outdoor or strong accent lighting.]
  • [Size: 7/16 Inch Width X 5/16 Inch Thickness] [19.685 inch cutting intervals]
  • [Cool to touch when lit and Flexible and easy installation.] [Voltage: 120V . Can be plugged direction into house power out. Safety fused plug for over current protection. No transformer is needed.] .] [Water Resistant]
  • [12V VS. 120VLED SMD rope light: (Both are exceptional Energy-Efficient)] [12v Advantage: Low voltage, smaller profile, high brightness and flexible to use in many application. Disadvantage is, transformer may need needed, and max length is only 16'.][120v Advantage: High brightness and flexible. Can plug directly into household power outlet. Thicker profile for better durability. Max run is 300'. ]
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SMD RGB color changing strip light with remote

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