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LED G4, 130 Lumens, 0.8 Watt (10W Equal)
  • Save up 90% on your electricity bill with LED lighting! Replace 10W halogen bulb by 0.8W LED. Now with LED for a more true and natural color experience.
  • LED chips on side and top, 360° Beam Angle, instant on with no glare or flikering;
  • Reduce re-lamp frequency.Save effort and maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently; Not Dimmable, Don't work with dimmer switch.
  • This newly-designed LED G4 bulb is one of the best alternatives to old G4 halogen bulbs. The LED G4 fits into almost any standard socket and works very well with a desk lamp or other fixture in which you want light emitted from 360 degree. This LED bulb is covered with transparent plastic to protect it from breakage and is inherently resistant to corrosion.The G4 bulb is ultra-bright with 6pcs SMD2835 LED light source.
  • The LED G4 bulb is an environmentally-friendly product and emits no UV or IR radiation, lead, mercury or other harmful pollutants. This LED G4 blub is small enough to fit into the narrower light fittings where space is limited, and it is easy and convenient to install. Operating temperature: -4 - 185℉ Material: ceramic lamp body and a transparent plastic cover. Safety Notice Turn off power before installation. Do not touch bulb when operating or when hot. For indoor use only.

    LED G4, 130 Lumens, 0.8 Watt (10W Equal)

      • UL Listed. Meets your local electric code and safety standard. | Designed In San Francisco
      • Superior quality components are used compare to non UL-listed light bulbs on the market.
      • Save over 85% instantly with your electric bill. Directly replace halogen GU10 light bulbs
      • Extended useful lifetime,  CRI85+, flicker-free, no UV and IR radiation. Newly patened design for max brightness and balanced lumination. Perfectly fit into all GU10 standard socket.
      • Hassle Free warranty from CBconcept to assist you finding and using the best light bulbs in the market.
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