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Female to Female extension - 3ft

LED Specification: 

  • 3ft Female to female extension for 120v or 12v 1/2" Rope light with 2 power connector(pin)

Female to Female extension - 3ft

SKU: RL-FFextension
  •  LED Rope Light: (110v)

    • Gentle cool light, contemporarily illumination
    • Super energy efficient, 1 watt per foot
    • Extended useful life, 60,000 hrs
    • Flexible and plug and play installation
    • Safety Guarantee, Low Heat.
    • Constant super bright color rendering through useful life
    • Holiday decoration
    • Architect Highlight
    • Attraction  - Door, Window, and Creative Design
    • Very popular with Bar, trendy restaurant, club, private bar, kitchen counter edge commercial window highlighter, boat, RV car.
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