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Metal Halide Bulbs

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The most popular industrial and warehouse lighting in place today is metal halide lighting. Workspaces in these environments are typically large and tall, which means companies need a large amount of light and a long lifecycle. Standard bulbs don't really do either of those very well. The technology that metal halide light bulbs rely on requires a special fixture with ballast in order for it to work. We have a full line of ballasts in addition to the hundreds of metal halide light bulbs in this section.

When compared to other HID bulbs, Metal Halide bulbs tend to have the lowest average life, but they provide a tremendous value in color temperature and color accuracy. If you see lights that are very orange and you notice your red car actually looks brown under it, such as with many street lights, they are not metal halides. For places like a machine shop, warehouse, or large retail outlet, metal halide light bulbs are an excellent choice.
  • Crispy brilliant white lighting

  • Excellent color rendering throughout useful life

  • High Energy-efficiency

  • Compact lamp produces huge lighting output 

  • Long useful life, low maintenance cost 

  • Preferred lighting technology in commercial or industrial application, sport arena and movie production lighting.

  • Sophisticated lighting technology, delivery best benefit to cost ratio in industry